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Abstract (English):
The article examines the development of domestic tourism as an example of recreational and tourist complex in the Northern suburbs of the Moscow region. High tourist and recreational potential of the Russian Federation and its subjects is far from being fully utilized. This requires the combined efforts of all agencies involved in the tourism sector and create conditions for the effective development of tourist-recreational and spa complex in Russia, including in Moscow. The methodology of research is relatively laid-analytical, historical and geographical methods, which include the analysis of the basic regulations for tourism development at the federal and regional levels, the elaboration of plans and strategies for socio-economic development of cities and districts of the Moscow region, stock and literary materials, sociological surveys of population and decision-makers. The article made a brief analysis of objects of historical, cultural and recreational tourism in the region. Recreational resources are extremely rich in Moscow suburbs and include hundreds of travel sites. The Moscow region has a very high concentration of historical and cultural monuments. Despite some rise of tourism activities in the Moscow region in recent years, so far, the industry has not qualified for the high level of the budget of the region, which is observed in the metropolitan suburbs of developed countries. The article presents guidelines for creating the tourist and recreational zone cluster «Northern Moscow suburbs» that would specialize in cultural, educational, event-related, scientific, educational, ecological and local tourism, business, pilgrimage, sports, ski tourism and the development of leisure. For the development of tourism in the Northern Moscow suburbs, recommended are the following activities: design and development of the recreation and tourism zone cluster; development and implementation of regional programs and strategies for tourism development at the municipal level; assessment and inventory of recreation and tourism, educational and cognitive potentials of the region; Established are effective mechanisms for the conversion of recreational and tourism resources in the tourism product; development of rural types of tourism; tourism industry transition to an innovative, community-oriented and spatially balanced pattern of economic development; the development of cruise tourism on the channel of the Moscow and Volga rivers.

recreation and tourism cluster, Northern suburbs of Moscow region, recreational resources, eco-regional and cultural tourism, agro-tourism.

Экономический кризис и введение санкций против России отразились на рынке российского выездного туризма - привело к повышению спроса на туристские продукты внутреннего туризма в России. Но туроператоры и регионы к этому оказались не готовы, во многом из-за отсутствия информации о рекреационно-туристском


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