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Abstract (English):
Development of the health resort activities on the territory of Sverdlovsk region - an important and controversial factor, which is reflected in low rates and current problems of development. They are connected with the development peculiarities of the region, natural conditions, and availability of federal and regional programs. Necessity for the organization of health resort activities related to its significant impact on the social and economic situation of the region. Sverdlovsk region is an industrial urban area that, apart from the advantages, creates certain problems for the population. These include health deterioration, increasing of mortality and morbidity, reducing of natural population growth, deterioration of health, which leads to a reduction of the rate of economic development. That is why the region needs to organize health resort activity. Recreational potential of Sverdlovsk region is considered to be healthy, and it is caused by a boundary position of the region in Europe and Asia, political stability, which guarantees the security of any type of tourist activity. In addition, the high cultural and historical heritage of the area determines the long-term development of tourism in general. Nevertheless, the author of the article notes the presence of a significant number of problems, such as the need for recreational activities in urban and industrialized territories, but civil and industrial development area limit the possibility of recreation. Load regulation system on the natural systems of certain recreation areas is absent, and it causes a significant increasing of load and violation of the integrity of ecosystems. Low development of transport infrastructure and insufficient quality of personnel training creates problems for the future development of the market of heath resort services

market of heath resort services, resort, tourism, development, region

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